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Stop the Hop

20 Mar

Stop the Hop
Lately I have been really bothered by a certain expression I have heard many Christians use.  Maybe you have even used it before. I know I have thought it before….

“I’m just not getting anything from church”

Christians often use this phrase to say that the church’s worship no longer excites them, and the pastor’s messages don’t give them goosebumps anymore. They are no longer excited by the church they’re in, so they hop to another one that will make them feel excited again.
Steven Furtick’s blog “Stop the Hop” deals with this very issue. He says,

“One of the things that really troubles me about the church today is the phenomenon of church hopping and church shopping. It’s a consumeristic mindset towards the body of Christ that grieves the heart of God.”

He goes on to say that we as Christians are living in an amazing time with endless possibilities to advance the gospel. We have the ability, resources, and people. What we don’t have is people who are committed to churches so they can be used for their God ordained purposes.

“If this generation doesn’t make the impact it should, it won’t be because it didn’t have the resources. Or even the passion. It will be because it was too busy hopping to different churches to stop and commit to one where its resources and passion could actually find an outlet.”

My question is when did the church become about what we can get instead of what we can give? The Church is the body of Christ. We as Christians are supposed to come together to give our time, money, sacrifices, worship, praise, prayers and service to God, all in efforts to advance his Kingdom. Somewhere along the way we got messed up.

“If you’ve fallen into the trap of church hopping, let me encourage you: embrace your place somewhere where God can use you. At the end of your life, God’s not going to be impressed or pleased that you saw what He was doing at ten different churches. He’s going be more pleased that you were a part of what He was doing at one church.”

You will never find the perfect church, so give up looking. If the church you’re visiting doesn’t have what you’re looking for, it might be because God wants you to provide it.

“It’s time for us to stop the hop. This isn’t Christianity. Jesus didn’t die so we could sample different churches like varieties of meat on a party platter. Jesus died to establish His church as the most powerful entity on the planet.”

I encourage you to stop the hop. Find an imperfect church where Jesus is and commit yourself to service there. No one can be part of a move of God while they are church shopping. When you commit yourself to the body of Christ and give of yourself, you will see amazing things happen.