Bite-sized Blog: Are you a coward?

21 Mar

Today’s Bite-sized Blog comes from “Calling All Cowards” by Mark Driscoll.

For most Christians, sharing our faith with others is not the easiest thing in the world. Most of us struggle, whether it be inviting someone to church or actually telling someone about Jesus. But it’s not because we don’t want to tell others about Jesus, it’s because we are cowards.

“There are many reasons why this the case, but I believe it typically boils down to one issue: fear of man, which is a form of idolatry. When we fear people more than we fear God, our behavior will be motivated by what others think and say about us, not the glory and enjoyment of God.”

The reason why we sometimes hold back is because we are afraid of the reaction we might get. Talking about Jesus could evoke anger, could get us ridiculed, or it could change the relationship between us and others. Do you see what all these things are motivated by? We want to be liked by people. We hold back because we are afraid of men. If we weren’t, we would have no problem sharing with anyone and everyone

“When this happens, we have allowed someone other than Jesus to sit upon the throne over our life. We want to please and appease them, which means we end up worshiping them instead of Jesus. This is idolatry.”

It might not seem that bad on the surface, but by keeping quiet about Jesus we are showing that what man thinks of us is more important than what He thinks of us.

I know this is something that many of us struggle with. If this is something you struggle with specifically, don’t worry. There is hope.

“God hasn’t left us on our own. He didn’t even give us a Twelve-Step program to overcome our fears. No. He did something much deeper and permanent than that: he promised to transform us into courageous witnesses for Jesus from the inside out.”

The solution isn’t to just all the sudden start trying to invite everyone you know to church. It is deeper than that. We must be transformed. Jesus will transform us into bold witnesses for Him, through the Holy Spirit.

“Becoming a courageous witness is not based upon our natural strength or abilities, but rather a supernatural strength provided by the Holy Spirit.”

I used to think that I just wasn’t one of those people who could talk to others about Jesus so boldly and naturally. But that is giving humans too much credit. It is the Holy Spirit that gives us boldness. If you want to overcome your cowardice and speak boldly about Jesus, He is willing to empower you to do so.

“Through faith in Jesus we are forgiven of our sin, empowered by the Holy Spirit to put sin to death, and empowered to be courageous witnesses.”

We are all surrounded by people who need Jesus. I’m sure that there are people in your family, at your school, or at your job that are lost. God has put certain people directly in your life for a reason; so that you can reach them. We have a responsibility to these people. Without Jesus, their souls are headed to hell. We have the answer! We have to let go of our fear and share the answer with those around us. By sharing what Jesus has done for us, peoples’ eternal destinies can be changes.

“Step outside of your comfort zone, acknowledge your cowardice, believe the truth that God wants to save people, and trust the promise of God that you will be empowered by the Holy Spirit to witness for Jesus.”

You won’t know if God has empowered you to be a bold witness unless you try. Step out of our comfort zone, begin to talk about Jesus, and see how Jesus will empower you to speak boldly about him.

“So regardless of how you have denied Jesus with your deeds and words, he is faithful to forgive you and restore you to a vibrant relationship with him as he did Peter. Whether you’ve failed to be identified with Jesus while your friends were mocking him and Christians, or you’ve walked away from him and the church for many years, he is faithful to forgive you of your sins and empower you with the Holy Spirit to live courageously for his glory.”

If you want to tell others about Jesus and be a bold witness for him, I challenge you to do these things:

1.   Ask for forgiveness for your cowardice.

2.   Ask that the Holy Spirit would give you boldness.

3.   Open your mouth.

After you do that, here is an easy first step you can take. Easter is coming up. Step out of your comfort zone and invite someone to church with you. You will be surprised by how painless it will be! Even if you face rejection, don’t be discouraged. Be obedient and tell others about Jesus.


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