Bite-sized Blog: Men are Pigs?

16 Feb

This segment is a little thing a like to call a bite-sized blog. If you’re not a big reader or you are super busy, you probably don’t spend a lot of time reading long blogs. The good news is, I do! I admit, some blogs can be rather lengthy, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t worth reading. This is a segment where I read a blog for you and give you the main points. Hopefully you can still get something out of it, without having to read the whole thing! If you like what you read or want to know more check out the entire blog here:

Today’s bite-sized blog comes from “When Pigs Fly” by Mike Ensly.

 “Men are pigs.”

You can say this pretty much anywhere and get approval. Unfortunately, even Christians have accepted this idea as well. Men are often characterized by their intense sex drive and carnality. This idea has made some men ashamed of their sexuality and some women fearful of it.

Men are taught to just deal with their sexuality and apologize for it. However, this was not how God intended it to be.

“Would it be controversial to say men are supposed to be the way we are? That, despite the sin we struggle with, there is something good and God-like lying dormant in our sexual wiring? To believe that my sexuality is a gift and not a curse, most of the time I feel like I’m hoping against hope.”

God created men, including their sexuality and sex drive.  And contrary to what we have been taught to believe, he didn’t make a mistake! So what was God thinking when He made them the way He did? Are men supposed to be sorry about the way they were created?

Most people would agree that men and women are completely different. The differences in the appearance of our bodies alone are obvious.

However, through our differences, men and woman were created to complement each other. The things that we tend to think are bad about male sexuality are actually ways in which he was created to complement his mate.

For example:  Men are more visually stimulated and emotionally simple that women.

“A man’s body is so utilitarian … a woman’s body is a work of art.”

Male bodies are more functional and women are more beautiful. That’s not to say the male has no beauty or the female lacks function — there’s just a different order of priorities in either design.

There is a desire in women to want to feel beautiful.

“A woman’s soul was made to be sought after and adored, not just her body. Not just her body — meaning it’s still true for her body, even while it’s more true for her heart.”

Men were made with a desire to pursue a woman’s body AND heart, and women were made with the desire to feel valued and beautiful.

Yes, men and women are wired completely different. This is a good thing.

Rather than feeling ashamed or fearful of male or female sexuality, we should embrace our differences with a sense of gratitude and wonder.


What do you think…

Did this change your perspective of male sexuality at all?

Do you agree with what Mike is trying to say or do you still think men are pigs?



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