Bite-sized Blog: You probably shouldn’t be dating him if…

12 Apr

Today’s Bite-sized blog comes from “10 Reasons I should not be dating him/her” by Perry Noble.


You probably should not be dating him if…

1.   He is not willing to fight for purity.

In relationships, it is primarily the job of the man to set boundaries regarding physical purity. If your man doesn’t, or does but then doesn’t abide by them- this isn’t a good sign. The man should be the protector of your purity. If he isn’t willing to protect your purity before marriage, he won’t be willing to do so after marriage.

2.   He tries to get you to compromise things that God’s Word states clearly.

God’s Word is the manual that should guide our relationships. Once again, if he leads you further away from God and His word before marriage, he will do the same after marriage. Remember: you cannot change him, only the Holy Spirit can.

3.   You are always defending him to the people who know you, love you, and love Jesus.

Love is blind. We can become so smitten with love that we are blind to the obvious truth of who a person really is. Your Godly friends and family have an important role in your relationship because they can see what you often can’t. If you find yourself always defending him to these people, they might be seeing something you can’t.

4.   You hide your relationship from people because you suspect they may disapprove.

When you feel like you have to hide parts of your relationship from people, you need to stop and ask yourself why. When you hide it, you are eliminating the chance for Godly people to speak truth into it.

5.   You know the relationship has no future.

Many girls will hang on to dead-end relationships simply because they feel who they’re with is better than being alone. This shows that your identity is in who you are dating, rather than in Christ.

6.   You find out he is lying to you.

If he lies to you before marriage, he will lie to you after marriage. If you find this out, do not ignore it.

7.   You can’t confront him about issues without him losing his temper.

If your relationship has any future at all, you will need to learn how to overcome and communicate on issues. If he is incapable of this, it is a bad indicator for the future.

8.   You discover he is unfaithful to you.

You are a prize and worthy to be cherished and honored. If a man cannot remain faithful to you he does not deserve to waste one more minute of your time.

9.   There is something about him that drives you absolutely insane.

I’m talking about more than a pet peeve here. They are what I like to call “deal breakers”. It is something that you absolutely cannot get past. Often times people ignore problems and convince themselves that after marriage it will go away… it won’t. In fact it will probably become larger.

10. You constantly feel God leading you to end the relationship.

Many girls are too afraid to “hurt his feelings” or afraid they won’t get a chance at another relationship. Stop making excuses. Obey God.


If you can relate to 1, or 2, or 3, or 4 of these points… I challenge to you take a closer look at your relationship. You shouldn’t have to defend or make excuses for the guy you’re dating. You should be confident and proud of him. Maybe God is leading you to end this relationship because he has better things in store for you.

If you are a daughter of God, you are a princess. You deserve to have a prince who treats you like one.



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