Is he ready to lead?

26 Apr

Men have a special calling from God to be the spiritual leaders of their families. If you are looking for a godly man to one day be your husband, you need to look for a leader. And he is not just called to lead you, he is called to lead your family as well. Here are some questions to ask about him to see if he is ready to lead.

How is his spiritual walk with God right now?

Is he actively pursuing Jesus? Or do you have to drag him to church? Once you get married, it won’t change. His pattern will continue whether good or bad. A guy with a strong relationship with Jesus will constantly be being changed by the Holy Spirit and trying to be the spiritual leader he is called to be.

How does he handle his money?

Luke 12:34 says, “Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be.” What does he spend his money on? It will tell you about his heart. If he can’t handle his money, he is not ready to lead a family.

How does he handle his job?

Does he have a new job every 3 months? Is no job ever good enough for him? A godly man needs to be able to work hard at whatever he is given. Look for a guy who is a hard worker.

How are his grades?

This question obviously only applies to some. If you are dating in high school or college, how seriously does he take his grades? When you are not yet on your own with bills and responsibilities, your grades are the only thing that you have stewardship over. If you can’t succeed or take your grades seriously, that is a bad indicator for the future. The Bible says we are to do our best at whatever it is, like we were doing it for the Lord.

I encourage you to keep these things in mind as you try to find a man who could be a Godly leader for you and your family someday. If you ask yourself these questions and you find yourself encouraged, there is a good chance that you have found a man who is ready to lead you and your family.


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