Stop Waiting

13 Feb

Growing up in church, girls often have the same ideas drilled into our heads over and over. A very common one for girls is: WAIT. Wait to have sex till you’re married. Wait for God to bring you your husband. Wait and everything will turn out fine.

While I agree with the heart of these messages, I think they can sometimes get messed up when put into action.

First of all, are these messages biblical?

Waiting to have sex till marriage definitely is. God’s plan for every person is that they wait to have sex until they are married.

What about waiting for a man?  The idea of waiting is definitely biblical.

The word wait appears 129 times in the Bible.

We are told to “eagerly wait for our Lord Jesus Christ to be revealed” (1 Cor. 1:7), and to “wait for the blessed hope —the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ,” (Titus 2:13).

The Bible tells us to wait for a man.

This man is not you future husband. This man is Jesus.

We should be waiting for Jesus and living a life of service to him, not living a life temporarily paused until we find the right guy. If you’ve found Jesus, you’ve already found the right guy. You don’t need to wait for anything more to start your life.

Your life begins when you accept Christ, not when you get married. God’s plan to bring you a husband is only a part of the big picture.

I’ve seen too many girls get so caught up in waiting for a man that they never do ANYTHING for Christ.  They don’t want to really commit to a ministry or discover their calling any further because they’re still waiting for a husband and well… he may have different plans.

Your future husband, if he’s a true follower of Christ, will be pumped out of his mind that you are actually doing something with your faith! Real Christian guys like real Christian girls. If you’re not doing anything with your faith, maybe that’s why you attract guys that aren’t doing anything with their faith either. A real Christian guy will encourage you to do even more for Christ.

Stop waiting and start walking. Shift your focus from waiting for a husband to serving Christ.

To clarify, I am not against the idea of waiting for God to bring you a man. I think that His timing is perfect and we should let Him ultimately be in control of who we end up with. My point is that life shouldn’t just be about waiting. You can wait while you walk.

Girls, please stop waiting and start walking out your faith! Your life doesn’t begin when you find a husband. God has a great plan for your life and, believe it or not, it starts BEFORE you find a man.  So many girls waste precious year waiting when they could be doing great things for God.

God isn’t going to reward you for how long you spent patiently waiting; He is going to reward you for the things you’ve done for his kingdom.

Serving God and finding His plan for your life will give you satisfaction that a man can’t. Don’t get me wrong, marriage is an amazing gift from God and He will definitely use that in your life.  However, nothing on this earth will ever satisfy your soul’s need for God except walking with Him and serving Him.

So girls, I propose we stop waiting and start walking! Who is with me?


Think about it…
What do you think God is leading you to do? He has a special calling for each of us. If you don’t know yet but you want to, I encourage you to check out this book Chazown. This is what really helped me figure out what I am passionate about and what I believe God wants to use me for.




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  1. Andrew February 15, 2012 at 9:01 am #

    This is right on the target. :) I think it’s awesome when a woman is focused on God, and is so strong in who they are, that they don’t worry so much about trying to find the right person to be with. We have taken this path separately. Faith is a personal journey and knowing that we get true love from God is enough. The more we focus on that, in time, everything else falls into place.

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