Worth Your Watch

2 Mar

Heres a video I hope helps the single or dating girls out there. You may or may have already run into a situation like this where you are confused and not sure what to do.


Let him pursue you. My favorite quote in this video is, “Don’t chase a man, because if you start to chase him you will be chasing him for the rest of your life.” You don’t want to pressure a guy into being with you, you want to be his first choice. There shouldn’t be any question in your mind about whether he is crazy about you. When you let him take initiative and pursue you, it will make it very clear that he is interested in you. If you chase him, you will eventually be left wondering if he really loves you or if you just pushed him into it.

It’s okay to ask. Sometimes there are situations in which you just have to ask. Maybe he is waiting for the right time, or maybe it’s gonna take a little nudge and reassurance from you. Ask him what HIS plan is. Its not your job to tell him what your plan is, let him lead. If he doesn’t have a plan, he is probably not ready or serious about really pursuing you.

It takes a man to pursue a woman. It takes a man to pursue a woman and put himself out there, even when rejection is a possibility. A man is not going to sit back passively and let you come to him… that’s not a real man. You are someones first pick. Don’t settle for a guy you have to chase and convince to love you.

I hope this helped bring some clarity for some girls out there! You are a treasure and you deserve to be pursued.


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